The Big Guns: Multi-Channel Networks (MCN’s)


“Fullscreen is a media company built with the creator at the core. We program unforgettable experiences that connect today’s stars with the fans who love them.”

Status: MCN. Subsidiary of Otter Media (online-video joint venture between Chernin Group and AT&T)

Headquarters: LA, Dallas

Represent: American Express, Bud Light, Chase, Colgate, Disney, EA, Estee Lauder, General Electric, McDonalds, Microsoft, MTV, NBC, Oreo, Universal. Brand Pitch: We help brands reach and mobilize connected consumers through social video.

Brand Pitch: Be relevant like never before. Launch native campaigns at scale through authentic voices of creators who know their audiences.

Influencer Pitch: We empower a new generation of creators with tools and opportunities to grow their creative careers.

Influencer Community: 70,000+ creators including H20Delirious, Jack and Jack, Megan Nicole, Unbox Therapy, Andrea Russett, Jack Vale.

Qualifications: Submit YouTube channel for review. No listed minimum of followers.

Maker Studios

“Maker is a talent-first, technology driven Media Company and the #1 producer and distributor of online content reaching millennials in the U.S.” Lots of focus on ‘nerd’ culture: gaming, makers, cartoons, music.”

Status: MCN. Subsidiary of Disney

Sub-networks: Polaris, Maker Music, MakerGen

Headquarters: Culver City, California

Represent: Disney, Warner Brothers, EA, Target, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Ubisoft, Mattel, Kia, Clorox, Pepsi, Old Navy

Brand Pitch: Maker Studios offers effective and hyper-targeted media solutions that not only enable brands to reach the elusive millennial audience but are guaranteed to deliver engagement and results that set us apart from the rest of the industry.

Influencer Pitch: Maker Studios gets you plugged into a community of like- minded creators (and their fans) to help you build your digital presence.

Influencer Community: 55, 000 creators including Timothy DeLaGhetto, PewDiePie, Shaytards, Camila Coehlo, Jenn Im.

Qualifications: Contact Maker to speak to a rep, move channel over to the Maker Network and, if both parties want to move forward, sign a Maker Strategic Development Agreement. No listed minimum of followers.

Style Haul

StyleHaul is the leading global style network where brands, creators and the style-obsessed unite.”

Status: MCN. Subsidiary of RTL Group.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Sao Paulo.Represent: Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris, Guess, Sephora, Macy’s, Nasty Gal, PacSun

Brand Pitch: StyleHaul creates multi-platform marketing programs with unprecedented scale and engagement for brands through curating and creating style-centric programming designed for the 18- to 34-year-old female demographic.

Influencer Pitch: Up your monetization game when we bring you strategic brand partnerships and exclusive distribution opportunities.

Influencer Community: 6500 creators including iJustine, Zoella, Allie Evans. 1.6b monthly views.

Qualifications: To be considered, a YouTuber must have 1000+ views on their videos for three consecutive months.


“Next-generation video entertainment network for the gamer lifestyle and beyond.”

Status: MCN.

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Represent: They don’t seem to list specific advertisers, but they have partnerships with Comcast, Victorous, XBoxOne, Daily Motion, Vessel, Frequency, Playstation Vue, Vimeo, Go90 and more.

Brand Pitch: Machinima delivers impactful, targeted solutions allowing brands to interact with fans in an authentic way, at scale.

Influencer Pitch: We’re your Robin, your Yoshi, your Garrus Vakarian. That helpful, dependable sidekick every hero needs—and the hero is you. When you partner with Machinima, we dedicate ourselves to your success, offering partners a tiered system of benefits so they can find—and grow—the right audience.

Influencer Community: 30,000+ ‘programmers’; Jeromeasf, Zack Scott, Wayside Creations, Futuristichub, Super Best Friends Play, iPod King Carter, The Zombi Unicorn, Inside Gaming

Qualifications: There are ‘Enlist’ links all over the site, but very little info about what is required.

They offer a 3-tiered system:

The entry level, called M-White tier, is available to anyone, offering basic support, analytics, and access to additional tools.

The mid tier, M-Red, can only be joined by invitation and is focused on talent on the rise to, providing them with premium support, advanced analytics, programming training and brand activation opportunities.

The top level is called M-Black, which is focused on top talent for whom Machinima provides one-on-one support, access to their content development and production team, as well as brand activation opportunities, special events, and other services.”

Defy Media

“Know the limitations, and then DEFY them. That is exactly why we're here. Defy Media is the top creator, distributor, and owner of millennial focused digital content.”

Status: MCN.

Headquarters: New York City

Represent: Gillette Venus, Coca Cola, Movember 2012, Hot Pockets, Jack Links, Assassin’s Creed

Brand Pitch: Partnering with DEFY means deep engagement with the digital generation and the expertise of a creative and nimble team with unparalleled understanding of this audience. From idea conception to the screen, bringing brand campaigns to life is what drives us.

Influencer Pitch: When you join DEFY’s Creators Program, you’ll experience a personal level of service and collaborate with a team dedicated to growing not just your channel but your business across all the platforms that matter most to today’s consumer.

Influencer Community: Doesn’t list many individual influencers other than Kingsley, Greg Benson and Marie Digby, but brands (who produce shows for Defy) include Clevver TV, SMOSH, Break, Made Man, Screen Junkies,, AWEMe.

Qualifications: Apply for the Creator’s Program through the website. Applicants need to link to their channel/website, talk about their brand and persona, and what their goals and challenge areas are.

Influencer Marketplaces and Marketing Agencies


“A world-class influencer platform for marketers, agencies and publishers.”

Status: Marketplace

Headquarters: Los Angeles and Toronto

Represent: Kimberly-Clark, John Frieda, TJX, Puma, Garnier

Brand Pitch: Influicity provides data & insights on the entire population of influencers, on YouTube and across the social landscape. Advertisers use the platform & exchange to connect, measure, and collaborate on product placements and more.

Influencer Pitch: Influicity indexes all the profiles on YouTube and Instagram (with Twitter coming soon). You can take control of how advertisers discover you. Drive more dollars to your channel so you can keep creating great content for your fans. It's free and it only takes a minute.

Influencer Community: 1 million + influencers across YouTube, Instagram and Twitter

Qualifications: Influencers create and maintain an account on the website, where advertisers can find them and they can seek out opportunities.


“Connecting you with thousands of influencers meeting millions of eyes.”

Status: MCN. Recently purchased by Disney’s Maker Studios – another MCN

Headquarters: Tempe, ArizonaRepresent: 36+ brands including VH1, Paramount, Dos Equis, UGG, Edelman (PR)

Brand Pitch: Instafluence makes it easier for marketers to connect with their customers in an authentic and scalable way. We work with thousands of influencers to get your message out organically and creatively.

Influencer Pitch: Instafluence connects you to brands and apps that want to be able to communicate in a more meaningful way with an engaged and relevant audience.

Influencer Community: Influencers not listed on website, but include Cathlyn Jones

Qualifications: Sign up for an account through the website.


“Create and share content for the brands you love... and get compensated for it.”

Status: MCN - partnership with Bent Pixels (“Bent Pixels helps next generation media companies and brands grow online audiences)

Headquarters: Orlando, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto

Represent: 100+ Brands including Adidas, Kelloggs, Netflix, NBC and eBay

Brand Pitch: Izea connects brands with influential content creators and publishers. Our platform enables content marketing and influencer marketing at scale.

Influencer Pitch: Monetize your content, creativity and influence in the largest marketplace of its kind.

Influencer Community: 550K+ creators, 15K+ Journalists

Qualifications: Create a profile, bid on opportunities that are open/ pitch them, or connect with advertisers who approach you (no specific requirements on # of followers needed, however, it is unlikely brands will approach you or accept your bid with a small following).


“Delivering branded content at scale.”

Status: Influencer marketplace

Headquarters: Santa Monica, Toronto

Represent: 4,500+ brands including L’Oreal, Marvel, Paramount, Fiji Water, JustFab, Adidas

Brand Pitch: Find, hire and collab with content creators – The #1 Marketplace for branded content creation

Influencer Pitch: Get paid for creating! Top Paying sponsorships! Always have full control over your brand deals!

Influencer Community: 25K + Creators, Network reach of 1.1B

Influencer Homework Required: Create account, connect and create proposals for brands along with individual fee for posts.

Qualifications: Influencers need at least 5,000 followers on a channel to join the marketplace

Omnia Media

“At the forefront of online video – maximizing the potential for artists and brands.”

Status: MCN –“ last remaining independent MCN” – partners with content creator Blue Ant Media in Toronto

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Represent: Brands not listed. Creators include Tyga, MiniMinter, Inna, This is a commentary, hopsin.

Brand Pitch: Omnia Media combines world-wide YouTube reach with cross- platform media assets-giving you multiple, effective ways to reach our audience.

Influencer Pitch: Omnia media is home to 1200 top creators and artists from across the globe. Why do they turn to us? Because of our expert insight, unwavering dedication, and commitment to taking brands beyond YouTube.

Influencer Community: 12K + Creators

Influencer Homework Required: Actively get in touch with Omnia and decide on monetary value of your content and work.

Qualifications: Less about what influencer needs to do and more about how Omnia can help you make money and grow your audience with their support.


“Find the best YouTube influencers for your brand.”

Status: Marketplace

Headquarters: New York

Represent: Brands include eBay, Naturebox, Squarespace

Brand Pitch: Reelio’s influencer marketplace enables you to create branded videos on influential YouTube channels, consistently promoting your brand to large and highly engaged audiences (you get pitches from creators, videos start at $250)

Influencer Pitch: Grow your channel, make money and maintain your freedom. (Reelio notes that it is not an MCN therefore you are free to work with anyone you choose and you keep the rights to your channel, video and creativity)

Influencer Community: No specific number, lists influencers like Rich Ferguson (463K) Daym Drops (401K). Also gives examples of success found with different types of brands ex. Online boutique – 10 videos, 220K views, Global Brand – 23 videos, 2.1M views,

Qualifications: No specific qualifications, they will view your channel to see if you are a fit.


“Engage Passionate Audiences.”

Status: Marketplace

Headquarters: Santa Monica

Represent: Nordstrom, BirchBox, David Yurman, IndieGoGo, Hallmark and more.

Brand Pitch: Mediakix will help you connect with influencers, target your audience, build media that drives ROI, make your brand stand out through integrated sponsorship and branded content.

Influencer Pitch: Does not share information about their influencers.

Influencer Community: Notes they have thousands of blogs, YouTube and Instagram channels that reach an audience of over 25 million fans.


“Find and book top YouTube talent.”

Status: Marketplace.

Headquarters: Boston

Represent: Remington, NatureBox, Walgreens, NYX, bh Cosmetics, Tweezerman and more.

Brand Pitch: Promote your brand with top YouTube creators. Gives marketers a turn-key booking and analytics platform for working with YouTube’s top creators. They ask you to fill out a profile to see who your top brand matches would be.

Influencer Pitch: Quality sponsorships for your YouTube Channel. Grapevine helps creators connect directly with pre-qualified brands for sponsorships on YouTube. Also promotes same day payment when you post a sponsored video.

Influencer Community: Shows photos of some noteworthy beauty YouTubers and gives testimonials from smaller names as well. Website note’s that they have 127 active campaigns on YouTube, which you are able to view through the link.

Influencer Homework Required: Create account, browse opportunities that are provided and tailored based on your channel and then pitch the brand you want to work with.

Qualifications: You need 1000 subscribers to be eligible.


“It's your story, have the right people share it. Bridging The Gap Between Advertisers And Influencers.”

Status: Influencer Marketing Agency

Headquarters: LA, New York, Milan, London

Represent: 800+ brands including Colgate, Pepsi, Verizon, Airbnb, Proactiv, Vogue, Aldo, Levi’s Calvin Klein

Brand Pitch: We connect you with tastemakers – trusted brand advocates.

Influencer Pitch: We connect you with brands that complement “your” aesthetic, image and niche to help you monetize and grow your social media presence

Influencer Community: 1.8B+; Paolo Del Valle, Emma Appleton (@openmysoul), Alesia Carter (@lovecouturela), Kim Leuenberger (@Kim.ou), Yvette Yo Lee (@Msyoleecom)

Qualifications: Must have over 10,000 followers with over 1,000 likes per post. Apply on the website. Must know price point.


“The 6-Second Pros.”

Status: MCN

Headquarters: LA

Represent: Boost, Pepsi, Amazon, Converse, Ford, Universal, YikYak, Air Heads

Brand Pitch: We represent over 250 of Vine’s most popular and talented creators and roughly 7 Billion Loops per month on Vine.

Influencer Pitch: They promise to help creators elevate their digital shooting passion “from popular to professional”. Sign up on the Collab network and they’ll make sure your Vines are featured in their YouTube compilations – the largest Vines compilations channels on YouTube. Viners not only get promoted to millions of potential new followers but also earn more monthly revenue.

Influencer Community: We help build audience, sharpen skills and increase earnings with a combination of proprietary technology, sales, production, talent development, rights management, and friendly support.