Leading the Charts: Tracking the Influencers

Want to know which vloggers, YouTube channels and Vines are at the head of the pack?

Curious about how much money Influencers, creators, Instagrammers & live streamers are making in the social broadcasting space?


The focus here is on Youtube, Instagram and the live streaming site for gamers called Twitch. It ranks content creators according to views, follows, influence and connections to other users.


This site is for YouTube and, in particular, those who want to advertise on the platform. It goes deep into the data, ranking creators not only by views and subscribers, but also by engagement, consistency and influence. A deep level of customization and targeted research.


This site ranks Vine users and also offers companies the ability to connect with creators to develop targeted ad campaigns.


This site evaluates metrics like potential growth, changes in subscribers, channel views, etc.  Compare the statistics of vloggers side-by-side to help identify which vlogger has the right stats to suit an advertiser’s program goals. Statsheep has partnered with the Multi Channel Network (MCN), ScaleLab and promises to represent and improve video views for vloggers with a 65%/35% commission split between creator and MCN.