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Meet some Brands of Me. Our research team has put a broad swath of YouTube Stars and social media influencers under the microscope to understand where they sit on the Creator - Influencer continuum, their “vertical”, their engagement “secret sauce”, and their brand building accomplishments. Some are high value brands and influencers rivalling Hollywood celebrities, others are just starting out. Each has a story to tell.


RCLbeauty101: Rachel Levin

With a relatable and fun approach to online beauty tutorials, Rachel Levin wears the crown of “biggest online influencer under 21.” The American has attracted 6 million subscribers or #Levinators to her YouTube channel (RCLbeauty101), where she showcases DIY (Do it yourself) videos of make-up and life hacks, as well as skits about everyday life and relationships - all with a comedic take.  

In her videos, the 20 year old fashion student entertains her loyal YouTube fan base by standing in front of the camera talking to the audience and recreating situations in locations like rooms or school corridors. Everything looks homemade and low budget.  Levin is too young to drink but recently posted the highest score/metrics for social engagement and fan interaction with a score that trumps most Hollywood celebrities.

An important tactic to retaining and attracting subscribers is giving them prizes or “giveaways”. In Rachel’s case, those giveaway’s include big ticket items like computers suggesting she is making a tidy profit out of her vlog. With her signature long hair, hip clothes and help of boyfriend (who frequently appears in the videos), her influence adds up to over 531 million views (December 2010).

Rachel Levin recently signed with the MCN Broadband TV, which has formed an alliance and talent network with Huffington Post called “Outspeak”. The network aims to put current events into the hands of millennials and launch an army of brand new YouTube stars.

BBTV calls this alliance “a strategic distribution ecosystem for content creators worldwide” and an “opinion outlet for the digital age,” with a focus on journalists and creators who offer “unique perspectives” on politics, entertainment, lifestyle, business and tech.


Danielle Bernstein: WeWorewhat

Danielle Bernstein raised a lot of attention in the media and on social platforms, recently, after being profiled in a news article (from Harpers Bazar) explaining how much fashion bloggers make and how everything – each post, each outfit – is calculated and orchestrated. The 22 year old was about to hit 1 million followers on Instagram (@weworewhat) at the time, and soon after the article was published, she surpassed the mark (now, 1.4 million and counting). 

Hitting a milestone like that is important because the number of followers you accrue translates into bargaining power when dealing with sponsored content. And according to this article, this fashionista is making $5-$15 thousand per Instagram post firmly establishing her as a trendsetter and a very profitable brand influencer.

Danielle says her success is due the fact she stays true to her style and her blog. The fashion student started as a street style blogger, showing inspirational looks from the young women she would spot on the streets of New York. But weworewhat became more focused on her as an “it” girl, and she became the daily source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts around the world.  

Her posts often feature pictures of her and special outfits, but also a little of her personal life, with pictures of her travels, boyfriend and dog (which also has an Instagram account @bleecker_thefrenchie with 25k followers). Everything, of course, comes with hashtags and links to accounts where fans can learn more about that product.