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How Twitch entrepreneur and “caster” Julesmeister is building her #BrandofMe on the Twitch stream

The more business savvy of the Twitch broadcasters, are full-on brands. The best represent appointment viewing for their audience and have cult followings. Julianne Hjartason isn’t cult…..yet.  The fun, kind, gregarious, OTT host broadcasts her gameplay skills on Twitch, and while her subscriber base is still growing, her revenue stream is almost at the point where she can (spoiler alert) give up her day job.  My daughter the lawyer, doctor, Twitch streamer…. Jules talks to the kidsmediacentre about the new brand of entrepreneur.

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Julianne Hjartason broadcasts her gameplay skills on Twitch, the streaming service with a mostly male following. Her revenue stream and following is growing exponentially and (spoiler alert) she’s just about ready to give up her day job. Her secret to success: her warm, inviting community hosting and wacky game play-by-play. Meet Jules! 

There is a nice man named Bob Ross who used to paint lovely, soothing vistas on canvases though the magic of television. Bob hosted a show called The Joy of Painting. It offered a gentle play-by-play approach to mixing colours and painting and Bob sounded a lot like Mr Rogers. In the fall, a streaming service called Twitch played a seemingly endless loop of his painting shows from the 1970’s (403 episodes of Bob Ross played over the course of 8.5 days.). What made the event seriously fun was the running stream of comments that were superimposed over the video.  It was a mix of fans who grew up with Bob Ross, reminiscing, and regular game Twitchers filling the stream with the usual sassy emojis and flip comments. It was a melding of communities coming together, clearly connecting over the resurrection of Bob.  

This event was the living prequel to what Twitch new owner’s, Amazon (bought for $1 billion in 2014), hopes will be the next generation of community for Twitch. It’s called Twitch Creative – and it allows artists and musicians to create, inspire and chat with audiences, live.  

Of course, those are the same magical ingredients sending most viewers to Twitch’s game streaming platform. Since 2011, Twitch has been building an international community of video gamers who are passionate about sharing their gameplay - and lives - with an audience through the medium of  live social video. According to Tech Crunch the sites boasts 100 million monthly visitors and 1.7 million broadcasters, 12,000 of whom are partners monetizing their site through ads, subscriptions and/or merchandise.

Live streaming - platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, Periscope, Meerkat, UStream allows “broadcasters” to build a loyal monetizable community. Some of the most promimnent Twitchers have huge YouTuber sized audiences and, in fact, publish some of their Twitch gameplay on that other platform.

The more business savvy of the Twitch broadcasters, are full-on brands. The best represent appointment viewing for their audience and publish their streaming schedules. Some send an email to let you know they’re live. I’m currently watching Someone just donated $800 to him and his stream, just because he loves watching his . 'Sodapoppin' is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch so he gets much more attention. He has over 1 million followers and currently has 20,440 people viewing him live at this very moment.

Some argue the 'golden age' of Twitch was three years ago when it was first launched. With over a million broadcasters its become over-saturated which makes it very difficult for new streamers to break into the market and get noticed.

Enter Juliane Hjartason: a Toronto based streamer, Juliane appreciates the relationship she has with her audience and holds it dear. The Julesmeister has a big personality, tons of passion and a community-centric world view.

We spoke to her recently about her Brand of Me…