The kidsmediacentre at Centennial College conducts research on children and youth’s digital usage patterns and media habits. We also work with developers and the children’s industry to fund, play-test and support media content that makes a difference in kids’ lives.  Students in a variety of media programs at the School of Communications, Media and Design support these research initiatives, and in the process, acquire professional development and practical, job ready skills.

#BrandofMe is the latest “discovery” research project for us at the kidsmediacentre and it blends the talents of students in our Children’s Media, Book and Magazine, Public Relations and Interactive Media Management programs. The common denominator for all students who worked on this project is a passion for story telling, media reflection and creative, exploratory research.

We’re excited to launch #BrandofMe as the companion and follow-up study to #Instafame. This research will:

explore the burgeoning trend and evolution of kids from young, content creators to paid Influencers

# examine the increasing expectation and importance of audience in young people’s lives and the shift from social media “views and hits” to amassing “subscribers and followers”

# probe the exploding youth driven Influencer economy and the #insta-fame and #insta-income lure it holds for young people

# tease out social media trends, market conditions and employment prospects driving young people’s personal brand building

# assess the implications and corporate players in this new chapter of advertising and “celebrity marketing” that includes hiring youth with far-reaching social networks to sell advertised brands

Welcome to the discussion.